Campbell Family Bible

Transcription of pages from center of Campbell Family Bible (Believed to have belonged to the parents of Mary Jane Campbell). Published:Philadelphia: Matthew Carey No.122 Market Street 1812.

Transcribed word for word maintaining spelling and punctuation according to the original. Many lines in the original are faded and unreadable. 10 April 2001

The bible is currently in the possession of Mary Virginia Jacobs, 308 Whitechurch Lane, Victoria, Texas 77904.

Charles Campbell was
married to
uel Morris
and Mary Jane
Campbell was
married October


Thos C Morris married to
Minerva H. McCord on 20 Day
of February 1860

Thos C Morris Married to
Minerva H.




Margret Campbell wasborn in the year of ourLord 1804

June the 12 theThomas Campbell was bornin the year of our Lord 1806

February 20 theJohn Campbell was bornin the year of our Lord 1809

June the 19 theJoseph a Charles Campbellwas born in the year ofour Lord 1811

September 2theJane Campbell was bornin the year of our Lord 1814

June 7 theMerry Jane Juerwas Born in theYear of our Lord 1817

March 13Charles Campbellwas Born in theYear of Lord 1819

November 3 the

Children of

Thos C Morris And Minerva

H. Morris &Arthur MorrisBorn on 3 Day of December 1860

Clara V. Morris Born on First of November 1862

William M. Morris Born on 22 of December 1863

Mary Morris Born 27 Day of January 1865

Fifth Child infant Boyon 8 of September 1866

Sixth Child infant girlBorn on 16 of July 1867


Sila, Sone Morris Borne On 21 of October AD 1868

Thomas H. Morris Born August 11 AD 1870

Allen Morris Born January AD 1872

Mable H. Morris Born on February 15 1873

Charles Morris Born December 12 1874


Births & Deaths

Thomas C. Morris born March 20 1834
John Mcafee was Borne in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred thirty eight

May 30 the Arthur Morris Born March 31 1875
Elizabeth Morris Born Nivember 11 1879
Pearl L. Morris Born on October 3 – 1887

Alfred Morris Died on the 27 Daye of December AD 1860

William M. Morris Died on 7 September 1866 Aged 2 years 8 months And 10 Days the Sweet Plants that our Father Sends Are transplanted Soon
in Paradise to Bloom

Fifth Child Died on 8 of September 1866
Sixth Child Died on 26 of July 1867
Ninth Child

Allen Morris Dide on February 29/1872
Minerva Hellen Morris Died Jan 17th 1815
Thos Morris died Dec 5 1915
Pearl Louise Morris died Jan 24 – 1917
Charles A Morris died July 17 – 1921
Thomas W Morris
Clara Morris Died June 23 1940


Charles Campbell Died in the year of our Lord 1811 Aged three weeks
a four Day old September the 27the

Mareg. Jane Campbell Died in the year of our
Lord 1815 Aged one year a Too months a Twelve Day of Age August 19 the

John McAfee died on the battlefield of Munfreesburough Ten –
Dec 31st 1862 AD So sleeps the hero, while his
brave spirit lives in eternity "He has fought the good fight."

Martha McCord died




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