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Drury Minton King

Drury Minton King and his wife, Francis (Joiner) King migrated to Van Zandt County from Lauderdale County, Alabama in 1873. Most of the family joined hem. All the people mentioned in the Bible are siblings of D.M. and Matille, or their children and spouces and grandchildren. Many are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery which is just over the county line in Kaufman County.

Drury Minton King Bible

Transcribed from the bible of Drury Minton King

(spelling not corrected)
by Barbara King.
Date of publication of bible was 1870

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The entries were obviously made at different times. There are many different inks, as well as pencil entries. There are also different handwritings.

Emma R. King departed this life Sept.29, 1885
Mary Richardson departed this life June12, 1896
Henry S. Richardson departed this lifeJuly 7 A.D. 1880?
A. V. Bagley departed this life April 23, 1891G. W. Richardson departed this life Octthe 21.1887 12
Tommie L.? Thigpen left this life Oct the18, 1878
Lydia T. Joiner the mother of Matillee Kingdeparted this life Nov. 18, 1867
Margaret Bevers departed this life May 7th1862
D. M. Jones departed this life December13, __ 1863
Matillee _ Jones departed this life Oct 25,1864
M. E?. Jones departed this life July 12,1866
Emma Bagley departed this life June 14,1914
D. M. King departed this life January 31,1911
Roena Richardson departed this life March7 1918
Nora Huntley passe away Feb 28, 1948
Wm J. Richardson departed this life June14, 1873
Texas King Wife of R. T. King departedthis life Decr. 28th 1872
Amanda E. King wife of R. T. Kingdeparted this life Sept 1st AD 1875
Guilford D. King father of DM KingDeparted this life Decr. 2nd AD 1876
Zylpha King Mother of DM King departedthis life Jan 5th AD.1877
L. J. King departed this life Oct 5, 1925
E. S. Phillips departed this life June the8th 1899
Matilda King departed this life June the24th 1894
A. J. King departed this life March 22AD 1851
Wm P King departed this life May 7th AD1853
Turner King departed this life Oct 1 AD1901
Harry? S Monnitor? Departed this lifeNov 18, 1878 (too faded to read)
Fannie King died Febury 10 1944

“May we raise our thoughts to God”
“The Lord giveth and and the Lordtaketh – Blessed Be the Lord”
“Our Heavenly ties many”
“Blessed are those that die in Christ”

Guilford D. King was bornd Jan 12th AD1789Zilpha King was bornd Jan 13 AD 1794
(the 3 was written over in pencil to readJan 10)
Elizabeth Thigpen daughter of Guilfordand Zilpha King was bornd Oct 6th AD1814
Margarit Bevers daughter of Guilfordand Zilpha King was bornd ___13
Lydia T. Joiner Mother of Matillee Kingwas bornd May the 15th AD 1806
John C Phillips was bornd June 30th AD1842
G. W. Richardson was bornd Decr 5th AD1842
Emma _ Richardson was bornd Oct 7th AD1868
Dasie (Davie?) T. Richardson was borndJuly 25th AD 1870
Wm. J. Richardson was bornd June 7th1872
Mattie Richardson was bornd Nov 14th AD1874
Maryan Jones was bornd Nov 10th AD1833
Lydia D Jones was bornd Nov 21st AD1855
Benjamine F. Jones was bornd Oct 14thAD 1857
Moses B Jones was bornd Feb 8th AD1859
David M Jones was bornd June 7th AD1861
Matillee G. Jones was bornd Aug 9th AD1863
Levi C. Jones was bornd Marchy 13th AD1868
Nancy An Jones was born Aug 29th AD1870
Matty L. E. Jones was bornd Aug 29thAD 1872D. M King was bornd Aprile 12th AD1823
Matillee King was bornd February 12thAD 1826
Roeny King was bornd Oct. 18th AD1847
Eliza King was bornd January 10th AD1849
Andrew J King was bornd March 16th AD1851
Robert T. King was bornd March 16thAD 1851
William P. King was bornd May 7 AD1853
Levi J. King was bornd August 10th AD1854
Mary K King was bornd February 25thAD 1856
Emma R King was bornd February 24thAD 1859
Matillee F. King was bornd November20th AD 1864
Lydia L King was bornd February 22ndAD 1867
Thos Lee Phillips was bornd June 4thAD 1875 14
Emma A Mcmelon was bornd Decr 17th AD1874
Mary L Richardson daughter of G.W. andR. E. Richardson was bornd Dec 5 AD1877
Samuel H. Richardson was bornd Aug.18th AD 1880
J. M. Phillips son of Jack and E. S. Phillipswas bornd Feb 22nd AD 1880
O. M. McMillon was bornd June the 10thAD 1876
D. M. King and Matilda King Was MarriedDecember J_________ 17. 1846
L. J. King and America A. King wasMarried Dec the 1876
W. R Mcmilon Mary Mcmilon was MarriedDec 18 1873
AV. Bayley and Emmas was married Jan23, 1884

“There are no Marrying or givingMarriages in Heaven”


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