Freeman Hubbard's Bible

(Van Zandt Co.,TX)

Freeman Hubbard B.9-27-1827 Died 5-21-1901

Freeman Hubbard and Nancy Jane High begot these
William (Billy) Samuel Hubbard B. 6-16-1851 Died Abline,(Abilene) Tex.
James Henry (Jim) Hubbard B.3-28-1853 Died 1917 Buried Terrell
George Dickerson Hubbard B. 9-23-1857
Sarah Elizabeth Hubbard B. 9-23-1857 Died and buried in Bosque Co.

Freeman Hubbard and Elizabeth Miller Wikle begot these
John William Hubbard B. 10-26-1861 Died 10-17-1938 Buried W. P.
Drucilla Jane Hubbard B. 5 -2-1863 Died 1870
Martha Ann Hubbard B. 4-9-1865 Died ?? Buried Plano, Texas
Richard Albert Hubbard B. 10-18-1868 Died Oct. 1909
Charles Lee Hubbard B. 7-3-1870 Died 3-4-1925 Buried High Cemetery
Thomas Freeman Hubbard B. 3-5-1874 Died 12-30-1952 Buried High Cemetery

This was a newspaper clipping
Miss Mattie (or Martha) Ann Hubbard was married in the home of the brides parents. She was the sister of Thomas Freeman Hubbard. She married to Mr. M G. McKnight. They were married by J A. Scruggs.

Another newspaper clipping as thus
J. H. Hubbard half-brother of Thomas Freeman Hubbard lived in Terrell. Born 3-28-1853. Died 1917. J. H. Married Theda Ramsey of Stone Point Texas who died 19 years ago. Their children are: Ottie, Marvin, Roscoe, Oscar of Terrell. Nona Sawyer of Newkirk, Oklahoma. Carrie Richards of Wallace. Mrs. Zollie McKenny Wills Point Texas. Mrs. McKenney lives now in Paris Texas near her children. C. L. Hubbard of Grand Saline, Texas, J. W. Hubbard of Wills Point Texas, W. S. Hubbard and G. D. Hubbard of Abilene Texas. T. F. Hubbard of Stone Point Texas and Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Seale of Bosque County a sister. He was buried in Terrell.

These are the Deaths recorded Died

Nancy Jane High Hubbard 7-13-1857
Elizabeth Miller Wikle Hubbard 1883
Drucilla Jane Hubbard 7-15-1870
Freeman Hubbard 5-21-1901
Archie McDonald Hubbard 7-24-1899
Richard Albert Hubbard 11-8-1909
James Henry Hubbard 1917
Charles Lee Hubbard 3 -5-1925
Mrs. Thomas Freeman (Zona Franks) 12-7-1927
John William Hubbard 10-23-1938
Thomas Freeman Hubbard 12-30-1952
Mrs. Thomas Freeman (Carrie Payne)
Marshall Hubbard 3-6-1962

These are the Marriages in the Bible

Freeman Hubbard to Nancy Jane High 9-12-1850
Freeman Hubbard to Elizabeth Miller Wikle 11-29-1859
" " to Julia C. Dubose 5 -1-1883
William S. Hubbard to Ellen E. Woodhouse 10-14-1871
James H. Hubbard to Thedocia Ramsey 12-14-1875
George D. " to Lizzie James 9-1-1880
M. G. McKnight to Martha Ann Hubbard 3-29-1885
John William Hubbard to Annie L. Swank 4-18-1883
Thomas Freeman Hubbard to Zona Franks 8-2-1893
" " " to Mrs. Carrie Payne Marshall 9 -2-1931

This Bible recorded was published in the VZC "Our Heritage" Volume 1 No. 1 in February, 1980.


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