Bible of Lee Flowers

Son of Bennet Flowers...Grandson of Benjamin Flowers
Bennet Flowers was a long-time resident of Van Zandt County.
Submitted by: Clois L. Green (Grandson of Laura Jane Flowers Young)

Holy Matrimony
Bennet Flowers of Van Zandt Co. Texas
N. M. Kuykendall of Van Zandt Co. Texas
the 14 day of April at 8 oclock P.M. AD 1858
by Wm Sharp


Bennet Flowers was Born Oct the 16 AD 1836
Nancy M. Kuykendall was born Oct the 4th day AD 1838
Ada Adela Flowers was born Dec the 11 AD 1858
Jesse Mathes Flowers was born Nov 27 AD 1859
Sarahan Prudence Matilda Flowers was born March 6th AD 1861
Nancy Elin Flowers was born Aug 7th AD 1862
Laura Jane Flowers was born Apr the 9th AD 1864
ISabell Flowers was born June the 30 AD 1866
Peter Goodwin Flowers was born May 22nd AD 1868
Bennet Corlton Flowers was born Oct 17 AD 1869
Elija Volentine Flowers was born Aug 3rd AD 1871
Edwin Lee Flowers was born Jun 10 AD 1873
Fannie Alpha Flowers was born Apr 14 AD 1876
Oliver Kendrick Flowers was born Dec 9th AD 1877
Carlton Allyn Robinson, June 7, 1899
Philip Mayes Robinson Nov 18, 1900
Lalla Delphine Robinson Jun 18, 1904
Catherine Robinson Jun 12, 1906
Elizabeth Joy Robinson Oct 13, 1908
James Van Dyke Robinson born and died Aug 28, 1912


This cirtyfies that the Right of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between
Laura J. Flowers and T. F. Young
on the 2 day of Feb AD–1882

This cirtyfies that the Right of Holy Matrimony was celibrated between
Belle Flowers and Minor Wilson
("Belle" is daughter, Isabell...know as Aunt Belle)
on 21 day of Oct AD 1883


This cirtyfies that N. E. Flowers was married to
B. H. Brundige Nov the 26 AD 1884

Fannie Flowers & James Robinson were married Aug 3rd 1898

E. Lee Flowers and Lola Burge was married on Jan 10th Oct at 4 PM, 1900

Bennet Carlton Flowers and Marg Elizabeth Jones was married
Jan 9th at 7 P.M. 1901

Oliver Kendrick Flowers was married to Viola Mae Harkay on Oct 1st AD 1901


Ada Adela Flowers died Nov 13 AD 1859
Saraan P. M. Flowers died July 20 AD 1865
Peter Goodwin Flowers died Aug the 20th AD 1868
Jesse Mathes Flowers Jan the 11 AD 1879 (age nineteen years and one month 15 days)
Bennett Flowers died August the 16 1905 (buried White Rose Cemetery, Wills Point, Tex)
Mrs. Nancy Ellen Flowers Brundidge died April the 5, 1911
Bennet Carlton Flowers died June 1916 by drowning. He gave his life in the attempt to save that of a friend.
Mrs. Nancy Matilda Flowers died Aug 9, 1924
Elijah V. Flowers died May 9, 1939
Edwin Lee died Aug 20, 1963 buried Houston


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