Mason and Hulse Family Bible

Submitted by: Mary Virginia Jacobs

The bible is currently in the possession of Mary Virginia Mason Jacobs It was left to me by my father, Albert F. Mason, Jr. who received it from his father, Albert F. Mason Sr., whose father was Samuel Jefferson Mason. Email:

This is to Certify

That ______S.J. Mason_____________

and ______Josie Hulse_____________
were united by me, in

Holy Matrimony

At ___my house___on the_____25th____day of

____December___in the year of our Lord 1873

In Presence of__J. W. Bethell____Sarah Hulse and, my family

Signed___T. C. Reedy

Minister_ of_ the _Gospel_ of_ Christ


Samuel Jefferson mason was Born January 16th AD 1854
Josie Hulse Mason was Born January 13th AD 1855

Otho McCombs Mason was Born January 13th AD 1875

Eva Viola Mason was Born March 14th AD 1877

Johnnie Bob Mason was born September 15th AD 1880

Albert Franklin Mason was born September 3rd AD 1884

Grand Children

S J Mason Jr was born December 18th AD 1904

Stella May Mason was born May 31st AD 1906

Albert Franklin Mason Jr was born July 6th 1912

Frank Morris Mason was born June 24th 1915

Virginia Pearl Mason was born October 14th 1917
Great Grand Child
Josephine May Mason was born May 16th 1927
Clara Ann Mason, great grandchild, born February 11, 1943
Mary Virginia Mason, great grandchild, born September 17, 1944
Sara Elizabeth Mason, great grandchild, born March 15, 1946
Frank Morris Mason, Jr. great grandchild, born December 30, 1947
Bill Ray Mason, great grandchild, born September 23, 1949
Allison Mason, great grandchild, born June, 1960
Joseph Albert Keefer, great great grandchild, born September 16, 1964
James Allan Keefer, great great grandchild, born March 13, 1966
Patrick Todd Jacobs, great great grandchild, born Nov. 16, 1966

Eva Mason was married to G.W Hardin July 15th 1894

Otho Mason was married to Miss Stella Ferguson, Aug. 30th 1903

Eva Harding, nee, Mason, was married to J.R. Lambert Aptil 26th 1905

Albert Franklin Mason was married to Miss Gussie Williams

June 28th A. D. 1911 at Dallas Texas

Albert Franklin Mason, Jr. was married to Miss Florence Moses, June 20, 1941

Frank Morris Mason married Miss Sally Ray, January, January 23, 1943

Clara Ann Mason, married Neal D. Keefer

Mary Virginia Mason married Claud B. Jacobs, June 5, 1964

Otho Mason. Died July 1st AD 1907

Eva Viola Mason Lambert, Died March 7th 1918

Johnnie Bob Mason. Died August 3rd 1881

Josie Mason died July 14, 1929 <Mrs. S.J. Mason>

Samuel Jefferson Mason, died March 7, 1932

Albert F. Mason August 8, 1952


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