William E. Standifer

Elgin, Texas
August 24, 1963
Joan Rash Pappa

Copied from the Family Bible of Wm. B. Standifer now in the possession of Mildred Couser of Elgin, Texas.


Johnson Standefer, Born November 11th, 1857
Albert Standifer borned April 31, 1859
Edward Standefer borned July 8th, 1861
Walter Standefer Born March 31st 1864
Joseph Euratus Standefer Born July 5th 1866
Alice Corena Standefer Born September 10th 1868
Samuel Bailey Standifer Born June 21, 1872
Leonora, daughter of H. (Henry) T. (Taylor) and Emma E. (Erinson) Standifer, was born 4th day of February 1876.
Catherine Alzada Kimsey Born 28 day of August 1865
Clara Lee Arbuckle Born November 17, 1871
Etta May Arbuckle Born Jan 5th 1873
Frances Elizabeth, Daughter of G. K. and S. J. Young born January __th 1874
Warren Elmer Arbuckle Born Sep the 25, 1875
Eugene Taylor son of H. T. Standifer was born 11th Sept. 1874
James Kemper Arbuckle Born Feb. 9th 1878


Alzada Standefer Departed life on the 4th day of October 1846.
Nancy Standifer Departed life the 20th day of July 1891.
Margaret Ellen Standefer Departed this life on the 11th day of November 1865.
Alice C. daughter of Wm. B. and Nancy Standifer departed this life September 8th 1870.
William Bailey Standifer departed this life July 8th, 1876.
Albert son of W. B. and Nancy Standifer departed this life April 7th 1876.
Martha Ellen Turner Departed this life on the 12th day of March 1868.
Anthony Smith Departed life on the 20 day of June 1867.


W. B. Standefer & Alzada Herril June 25th, 1838
W. B. Standefer & Nancy Smith September 30, 1847
T. J. Standifer & Sarah G. Glover 17 of December 1867
G. W. Phillips and Sarah Jane Standefer June the 2 1869
Martha Emily Standifer and W. E. Arbuckle January the 25, 1871


Benjamine Smith Departed life on the 5 day of August 1867
Taylor Smith Departed life on the 20th of Aug 1869
Clara Lee Arbuckle Departed life on Jan 17th 1872
Mattie Kemper Daughter of G. K. and S. J. Young departed this life October 18th 1875.


W. B. Standifer born Feby 10th 1812

Names and ages of William Standefer's Family 1846

William S. Standefer Born June 20th 1840
Lewis J. (Jacob L.) Standefer Born November 30th 1841
Arrinda Standefer Born August 16th 1843
James E. Standefer Born August 30th 1845
Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Levi) Born June 9th 1848
Sarah (Sery) Jane Standefer Born November 22nd 1849
Margaret Ellen Standefer Born March 9th 1851
Marthy Emily Born October 4th 1852
Henry Taylor born Oct. 2 1854
Lemuel Standefer Born March 22nd 1856


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