Bible of John Turk, Sr.
Publication Date 1850
By: Jacqueline King

John Turk, born 4 May 1785, Abbeville District, South Carolina was the son of William and Margaret Hall Archibald Turk. He died in 1813 at Fort Lawrence in Georgia while serving in the Militia.

John Turk, Sr. And Nancy Rich were married 16th February 1809

Their Children:
Theodore Adrine Turk was born Jan. 5th 1810
Salvadore Milton Turk was born Feb. 14th 1812
John Turk, Jr. was born Jan 13th 1814

Nancy Rich was born May 12th 1791
John Turk was born May the 4th 1785

Married on the 6th of October 1831 Theodore Turk and Elizabeth Little
Married on the 11th of January 1855 James G. Mize to Sarah Jane Turk
Married on the 27th of May 1858 John Milton Turk to Jane Elizabeth Shockly

Sarah Jane Turk was born August the 24th 1832
John Milton Turk was born May the 17th 1834
Nancy Emaline Turk was born August 16th 1836
James Scott Turk was born May 11th 1838
Mary Avaline Turk was born June 27th 1840
Margaret Elizabeth Turk was born April 12th 1842
Donald Asa Turk was born October 5th 1844
Louisa Ann Turk was born June 25th 1847
Amanda C. Turk was born August 10th 1849
William Thomas Turk was born May 28th 1852
Carrie Turk died June 20th 1867
Theodore Turk was born January 5th 1810
Elizabeth M. Turk was born N (November) 7th 1808
John Milton Turk died November 11th 1919

Died at the residence of her grandfather (T. Turk) 24th of June 1857, one year 3 months and 8 days old Evie E. Mize

Died at the residence of his father on 16th of February 1846, James S. Turk aged seven years nine months and five days.

Died at the residence of her father on the 20th of April 1866 age eighteen

Died at the residence of his father 28th of Jun 1857 William T. Turk age five years one month.
Died at the residence of her father 2nd of July 1857 age fifteen years two months twenty days, M. E. Turk

Died at the residence of her father 11th of July 1857 Sarah J. Mize age 24, ten months and 17 days

Died at the residence of her father 12th of July 1857 age 7 years 11 months 2 days, Amanda C. Turk

Died at the residence of her father 18th of July 1857 Mary E. Turk age 17 years and twenty-one days

Died at the residence of her father 18th of July 1857 Louisa A. Turk age ten years 29 days.
Died __ Third Alabama Hospital July 3, 1863 from wounds received in the battle of Chancellorsville __age 18 __months and 8 days. Donald Asa Turk as written in the Bible, Daniel A. Turk as written in his obit and in the 1850 Franklin County Georgia census.

Theodore A. Turk was born 5th of January 1810 A.D.
Elizabeth M. Turk was born 7th November of 1808
Sarah Jane Turk was born 24 August of 1832
John M. Turk was born 17th of May 1834
Nancy E. Turk was born 16th of August 1836
James S. Turk was born 11th of December 1838
Mary E. Turk was born 27th of __ 1840
Margaret E. Turk ____
Donald A. Turk was born 5th October 1844
Louisa A. Turk was born 25th June 1847
Amanda C. Turk was born 10th August 1849
William T. Turk was born May 28th 1852
Evie E. Mize was born 16th March 1856
M. E. Turk was born September 20, 1861
J. A. Turk was born September 20, 1861

Died the 6th of November 1861 M. E. Turk
Died the 7th of November 1861 J. A. Turk
Died the 29th of October 1875 Cleo Turk

Cornelia P. Turk was born August 25th 1866 died 20th June 1867
James Little died June 27th 1815
Wiliam W. Little died March 8th 1875
James Little born 1780 October 2_th
Nancy Griffin died November 19th 1881, 93 years
Census records show: 1860 p. 258 Marietta Georgia #467/452
(Salvadore) Milton Turk 48 M Farmer GA
wife Elizabeth 48 GA
Wm 25 son GA;
M.L. J. f 21dau GA
J. F m18 son GA
M. S. m 14 son GA
M. E. f 11 dau GA
K. L. 8m son GA
R. E. 5 f dau GA.

1860 Jasper, Monticello, 31 July p. 274 #295/299
John Turk (Jr.) 51 Farmer 4600 12, 600 GA
Ann wife, 42 GA
Julia dau 14 GA
Emma 12 dau GA
Mary J. 10 dau GA
Wm 8 son GA
Edward 5 son GA
Thomas 3 son GA
Nancy B(?) 1 dau GA

1860 Monroe, Calaparchee p. 796 19 Jul Georgia
#688/667 Turk, T. T(A) Turk 44 Farmer 5000/2000 GA
Mary A. Wife 38 GA
James son 19 GA
John son 16 GA
Thos. Son 14 GA
Charles son 12 GA
Tullalah 10 dau GA
Dora 7 dau GA
Catherine 5 dau GA
Ida 2 dau GA




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