Bible of William Alfred and Georgia Alice Addy Walraven

Owner of Bible: Dorothy "Laverne" Mozingo Conner
Daingerfield, Texas

Hertel's New Standard Alphabetically Indexed Bible
The Holy Bible
(Authorized King James Version)
Manufactured by: The John A. Hertel Co. 1924

This is to Certify that W. A. Walraven born at Miller County on Oct. 30, 1875
Georgia Alice (Addy) Walraven born at DeKalb, Texas on Oct 3, 1879
were joined together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony at
Old Salem on the 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord 1899
by Rev. Hobbs

Husbands' Parents
Father – John Walraven –Place of burial: DeQueen, Ark.
Mother– Vira Crumpton (Elvira Paralee Crump) Carbondale, Bowie Co. TX

Wife's Parents
Father– John Addy
Mother – Jane Landers Addy

Wife's Grandparents
Father's family
Grandma Bell

Mother's family
Grandfather – Bill Landers
Grandmother - Jane Landers

1] Dink Virgil Walraven b. 4 Jun 1900 DeKalb, Texas
married Willie Terrel

2] John Wesley Walraven b. 1 Jan 1902 DeKalb, Texas
married Verna Terrel
children: Joyce, Dale, & Helen

3] Oma Lee Walraven b. 14 Jun 1904, DeKalb, Texas
married S. A. Griffin 28 Sept 1919
Children: Cleo, Raymond, Otis –Sandra Kay,granddaughter

4] Myrtie Jane Walraven b. 22 Jan 1907, DeKalb, Texas
married D. A Mozingo (Darrell)
Children: Flossie, Dossie (twins); Margie & Lavern

5] Gladys Lou Walraven b. 2 Jun 1909 Trinity County, Texas
married J. A. Thrapp
children: Deveda, J. W., Bonnie, Roy, Patsy, Wanda June, Arthur Ray

6] William Elmer Walraven b. 25 Sept 1912, DeKalb, Texas
married Sally
Children: Lawson, Sue, Rita, Janet

7] Opal Lavana Walraven b. 28 July 1914, DeKalb, Texas
d. 8 May 1984 Burial in Chapelwood Cemetery, Texarkana, Texas
married Lloyd Carroll 27 Aug 1936
Children: Donald

8] Boyce Lee Walraven b. 7 Dec 1916, DeKalb, Texas
died 27 June 1976 Burial in Red Lick Cemetery, Bowie Co. TX
married Janice McCarty
Children: Coy Wayne, Linda Lee, Roger, Janice, Rodney Dale

Family Register
John Walraven (Father's side)
John Addy & Jane Addy (Mother's side)

January 23, 1899 Bowie County (married)
W. A. Walraven, husband
Date of Birth: 30th October 1875- Place of Birth Miller County
Date of Death: March 26 1947 - Where Buried: Red Lick

G. A. Walraven
Date of Birth: 8th October 1880 - Place of Birth Bowie County
Date of Death: June 24, 1954 Redwater, Texas - Where Buried: Red Lick

Children's Register

Dink Virgil Walraven: Date of Birth- June 4, 1900- Where- Bowie County
To whom married: Willie Terrell
Date of Death of Dink: 5 Jan 1982, Naples Hospital, Naples, Texas
children: none

John Wesley Walraven: Date of Birth- 1 Jan 1902 - Where - Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Verna Terrell
Date of Death- John- 25 Aug 1972, Malta, Texas
Children: Joye, Dale, Helen, Francis

Oma Lee Walraven- Date of Birth - 14 Jun 1904- Where - Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: S. A. Griffin
Children: Cleo, Raymond, Otis

Myrtie Jane Walraven: Date of Birth- 22 Jan 1907 - Where - Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Darrell Mozingo
Date of Death- Myrtie- 6 Jun 1983
Children: Dossie, Flossie, Margie, Dorothy Laverne

Gladys Lou Walraven: Date of Birth- 2 Jun 1909 - Where- Trinity Co.
To Whom Married: J. A. Thrapp
Date of Death:
Children: Deveda, J. W., Bonnie, Jimmy, Roy, Patsy, Wanda June

William Elmer Walraven: Date of Birth 25 Sept 1912 Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Thelma McCarty - date December 1
Date of Death: William - 20 April 1972
Children: William Lawson

Opal Lavana Walraven: Date of Birth 28 July 1914 Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Donald Brown 27 Aug 1936 Miller Co. AR
#2 Llyod Carroll
Date of Death- Opal - 8 May 1984

Boyce Lee Walraven: Date of Birth 7 Dec 1916 Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Janice McCarty - July
Children: Coye Wayne
Date of Death: Boyce - 27 Jun 1976 Texarkana, Texas

Beddie Cortence Walraven: Date of Birth- 22 Feb 1919 Bowie Co.
To Whom Married: Oliver Pierce - 25 Nov 1933 Miller Co. AR
Children: Doris Jean born October 11, 1938 Died January 27, 1939

Coye Virgil Walraven: Date of Birth- 16 Jan 1922 Bowie Co.
Buried - Antioch 4 p.m. Friday Jan 27 Died 12.25 a.m. Friday Jan 27, 1942

W. A. Jr. Walraven Date of Birth: 10 April 1924 Bowie Co.
Living Texarkana, AR


D. A. Mozingo
borned June 12 1902

M. J. Mozingo
Borend Jan 22, 1907

Dossie Mae Mozingo
Borind June 25, 1922

Flossie Ray Mozingo
Borend June 25 1922

Margart Mozingo
Borend Dec 12 1924

Lavern Mozingo
born 3/9/1934

Armandaz Mozingo was borned Feb the 1st (?) A.D. 1858

Mary C. Mozingo was borned Oct the 16th A.D. 1860

Martha A. Mozingo was Bornd Oct the 20th A.D. 1862

Sarah A. Mozingo was bornd March the 1th A.D. 1865

Andrew J. Mozingo was Bornd Feb 4th A.D. 1867

Thomas A. Mozingo was bornd the 5 day of March A.D. 1869

Pancy (sic) P. Mozingo was Bornd Apr the 12th A.D. 1871

Ansalom P. Mozingo was Bornd Sept the 24th A.D. 1873

Rowsey V. L. Mozingo was Bornd Dec the 10th A.D. 1874

Levert S. Mozingo was Bornd Nov the 24th A.D. 1876


Ansalom P. Mozingo Departed this Life Nov the 25 A.D. 1873

A. Y(J). Mozingo Departed this Life May the 30 1894

R. V. Reed Departed this Life Sept the 15 1901

E. R. Mozingo Departed this life July the 15 1913

Transcribed by: Patsy Finley Vinson (cousin of Laverne)



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