Lanty Armstrong
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Lancelot (Lanty) M. Armstrong was the fourth eldest child of Josiah and Elizabeth Armstrong. He was born in Knox County, Tennessee, December 1807. He left Knox County with a cousin of his mother by the name of Thomas Menefee, moving to Morgan County, Alabama, in 1825 where they remained for about four years. From there, he and Menefee and some other relatives named Sutherland moved to Austin Colony in Texas. Documents in the General Land Office of Texas indicate that Lanty made an exploratory entry into Texas by 1829 and established residence in 1832 in the area that became Fort Bend County.

He served in the Texian Army at various times including the Battle of Bexar in San Antonio in 1835 and again in 1836.

He married Emily Young Jones, widow of Silas Jones, on September 04, 1837, in Austin County. They had two children: James L. born December 28, 1838; and Martha Elinor, born 1840. It is said in the family that Emily was killed by lightning when Martha Elinor was three days old.

Lanty then married Martha Scott, widow of Henry Scott, about 1843. Lanty was a surveyor and frequently made trips away from home. On one trip, he failed to return and it was believed he was killed by Indians.

Martha Plummer Rash
Past President General, DR

by: Joan Pappa

Thomas H. Faulkner, manufacturer, was born near McMinnville, Tenn., April 19, 1842, the son of Asa and Anis Faulkner. The father, born July 16, 1802, in Edgefield District, South Carolina, of German descent, came to Hickory Creek, Tenn., in 1808, and was apprenticed to Mr. Biddleman, a machinist. With little education he learned the manufacture of wool cards. His first venture was a mill on Hickory Creek in 1830. In 1846 two others joined him in building the cotton factory, two and one-half miles from McMinnville, called the Central Factory. In 1861, with S. B. Spurlock, he erected on Barren Fork, near McMinnville, a cotton factory named in honor of his wife, and which had a capacity of 2,500 yards of cotton goods daily. In 1863 this factory was used by the Confederates, who took possession of the products, and gave Gen. Rosecrans excuse for destroying it April 21, 1863. They were rebuilt in 1866 with a capacity of 24,000 yards daily, and is still in operation. February 19, 1827, he married Anne Wolfe, born in Scott County, Va., about 1804, and who died March 25, 1851. She was a member of the Baptist Church. Our subject, the tenth of fourteen children, left home in 1861, and enlisted in Company A, Sixteenth Tennessee Confederate Army, under Col. Savage, and after seventeen months on account of ill health received a furlough and returned home, remaining there until his marriage, October 10, 1866, to Mary, the daughter of Judge Robert and Martha C. Cantrell, and, born in Smithville, Tenn., November 26, 1847. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and was educated at the Baptist Female College, and Minerva College, Nashville, and finally graduated from Corina Institute, Lebanon, then under Dr. Kelley's control. Their eight children are Robert A., born May 23, 1871 and deceased September 7, 1878; Carrie L., born February 5, 1875, and deceased March 30, 1877; Mattie L.; Charles H.; Kate C.; Thomas H.; William P. and Maryetta. Our subject began life for himself by manufacturing wool cards, his present business, but in connection with this he and his brother Clay became partners in manufacturing woolen goods two and a half miles from McMinnville, and in 1877 they also formed a partnership in a wool factory two miles from McMinnville with Robert Cantrell. In 1879 he dissolved partnership with his brother, and the firm is now Cantrell & Faulkner. Seventy-five thousand dollars in the capital invested in this factory, with a capacity of 1,000 yards of woolen goods daily, and a force of sixty-two men. Our subject never finished his education on account of the war. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and also of the K. & L of H.

Clay Faulkner, owner of the Mountain City Woolen Mills, was born near where he now lives April 11, 1845. He is the son of Asa and Annie (Wolf) Faulkner, of German and Scotch descent respectively, the former born in South Carolina July 16, 1802, died in Warren County July 22, 1886, and the latter born in Scott County, Va., February 24, 1806, died in Warren County March 25, 1851. The father lived in Warren County after the eighth year, and was a great builder of cotton and woolen mills on the various rivers in Warren County. Our subject, one of fifteen children, eleven of whom are living, and all but one of whom reached their majority received an academic education, and in 1866 with his brother J. J., took charge of the Butler Flouring Mills on Charles Creek in addition to his farming. In 1873 his present mills came into his and his brother, Thomas H.'s, possession, and new machinery was put in, and in the spring of 1879 Mr. Faulkner became sole owner, since which time his entire attention has been given to their interest. They are mentioned elsewhere in the history of Warren County. October 22, 1873, Mr. Faulkner married Mary E., a cultured lady and daughter of David Saunders, of Carthage, Tenn. She was born September 23, 1848. Their three children are Margie, born August 8, 1876; Herschel C., born March 2, 1878, and Daisy, born June 10, 1880. Mr. Faulkner and his wife are members and supporters of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


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