Reeves Family Lines

1772 – 2002


The following research was accomplished by Lula Key Sinquefield Porter dated February 3, 1979.

The records of Mildred Antoinette Reaves Key's family line of Reaves and Taylor.
Family records of the Reaves and Taylor ancestors of Calhoun City, Mississippi (Bently County).

The first account of the records show that the Reaves’ first landed in the colony of Virginia. So far no known record of the place they came from to this country. Tracing other families, I found them in Virginia and learned that they had sailed from England. There have been some differences in the spelling of the name. The younger generation spells the name as REEVES. The census records, the cemetery monuments and a BIBLE belonging to William Reaves, spell the name as REAVES.


January 2002. There is now a 300-year record covering a span of up to 12 generations of American born descendents of Stephen Reaves.
Updated by Mary Elizabeth Farmer Ganey.


The Reaves Line

1. Stephen Reaves
2. William Reaves
3. William John Reaves
4. William Thomas Reaves (Billie)
5. Mildred Antoinette Reaves Key (Millie)
6. Mary Frances Key Barnes
7. Mildred Elva Barnes Farmer
8. Mary Elizabeth Farmer Ganey
9. James Mancell Ganey, Jr.
(Son of James M. Ganey Sr and Mary Elizabeth Farmer Ganey)
10. James Mancell Ganey III, Jesse Taylor Ganey, and Ramcy Elizabeth Ganey
(Children of James Mancell Ganey Jr.)

Stephen Reaves born March 8, 1772 died November 22, 1830. Place of burial is Talbot Co. Georgia. He was married to Sarah Flowers. There is not proof, but family passages always said that Sarah Flowers was Cherokee. She was born September 21, 1777 died September 8 1843. She is buried in Talbot Co. Georgia. This account came from the Bible belonging to Charles G. Bently. Their children were:

Arthur – no date
Nancy – married a Mr. Huckelby
Sarah - married a Mr. Maskintosh
Stephen – married a Miss Moon
Samuel J. – no date
Abner L. – no date
William (our ancestor) was born April 13, 1805. He married Sarah Lockey.
Henry – no date
Betsy – no date

William Reaves, #7 child, son of Stephen and Sarah Flowers Reaves was born April 13, 1805. He died August 3, 1886. He was married to Sarah Lockey. She was born April 1, 1814. Both were born in Virginia. This couple is buried in Montivesta, Mississippi. Sarah Lockey’s father name was Benjamin Lockey; her mother was Polly Taylor.

Their children were:
Benjamin Lee – born September 12, 1831 died in Civil War.
Mary Jane – born August 28, 1833 died February 8, 1889.
William John – our ancestor was born May 31, 1835 died July 5, 1897.
Sarah Alice Nancy – born July 1, 1837 died 1892.
Serena Elizabeth – born September 25, 1839 died about 1927. This Serena Elizabeth was called Aunt Bett and lived with William (Billie) and Susan Emma
William Henry – born January 17, 1843 died July 24, 1891.
Josiah Thomas – born February 13, 1847 – not know when he died.
Susan Catherine – born March 8, 1849 died May 21, 1928.
Amanda Louisa – born April 15, 1851 died November 28, 1870.
All of these are buried In Montivesta, Mississippi.


William John Reaves, son of William Reaves was married to Matilda Antoinette Gore. He died in Mississippi. His wife Matilda Antoinette Gore Reaves died in Arkansas. William John Reaves is the father of William Thomas Reaves, the grandfather of Mary Frances Key Barnes. William John Reaves died during the Civil War. His widow remained in Calhoun City; Mississippi until her son Billie married a Mississippi girl, Susan Emma Taylor.

Their children were:
William Thomas (Billie) and Sally Reaves Naylor.


William Thomas (Billie) Reaves and wife Susan Emma had four children while living in Calhoun City, Mississippi, in Bently County. William T. “Billie” Reaves was born December 5, 1855. He died in Dallas County, Arkansas in 1943. His wife, Susan Emma Taylor Reaves Ws born April 28, 1860. She died in Arkansas August 1928. Matilda A. Reaves was born 1835. She died 1912 in Arkansas. She with her son “Billie” and his wife Susan, their four children, Benjamin, Mildred “Millie”, Elna and John, left Mississippi and went to Oklahoma, then to Arkansas. Her other child, Sallie married in Arkansas and settled near Fordyce, Arkansas. She married Mr. Nunn, then John Naylor. Sallie had 5 children by Naylor. They were Albert, Calvin, Bert, Lea and Lula.

Billie (William Thomas Reaves) got into some trouble before his last child, Hattie, was born. He went to Texas. While there he changed the spelling of his name in order not to get picked up. While in Texas, he married another woman. She died. He came back to his wife in Arkansas, Susan E. Taylor Reaves. He told her everything. She refused to live with him unless he got a marriage license. He did. Ben held Edna; he was 7 years old. Millie held John. He was 2, and Millie was 5. After this marriage Hattie was born. That how the name came to be spelled REEVES. There was a letter that Susan Emma wrote to her daughter, Mildred Antoinette Reaves Key. Inside the letter, she signed her name Mrs. S. E. REEVES but on the envelope she signed it Mrs. S. E. REAVES.

Billie T. signed all papers Reeves. He saw to it that his sons, Ben and John spelled their names REEVES. He knew the girls would marry and drop the name however, Mildred Antoinette (Millie) never dropped her name, and she stuck with her mother in the spelling of their name.

The children of William T. “Billie” and Susan E. Taylor Reaves were:

William Benjamin Reaves. Born September 26, 1880, died August 28, 1943. He married Emma Porterfield. She was born November 16, 1881 and died October 26, 1968. They had 3 children. Roland, Hattie Faye and Audry.

Mildred “Millie” Antoinette Reaves Key born November 22, 1881 died December 24, 1957. She married Pierce Wylie Key on February 17, 1898. He was born January 28, 1872. Pierce Wylie Key died January 19, 1944. Both died in Dallas County Arkansas and buried in Hampton Sprints Cemetery. He was born in Arkansas. She was born in Bently County Mississippi. Their children were: William Columbus Key, Mary Frances Key, Elizabeth Key, Baron LaFayette Key, John Walter “Jim” Key, Rachel Alma Key, Benjamin Reaves Key, Lula Hattie Key, twin, Beula Mae Key, Samual Pierce Key.

Mildred Antoinette Reaves Key was my mother’s grandmother and my great grandmother. One of her daughters was my grandmother, Mary Frances Key. Who married Lewis Barnes Sr. My mother is Mildred Elva Barnes Farmer…

(My Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother)


Mildred “Millie” Antoinette Reaves Key born November 22, 1881 died December 24, 1957. She married Pierce Wylie Key on February 17, 1898. He was born January 28, 1872. Pierce Wylie Key died January 19, 1944. Both died in Dallas County Arkansas and buried in Hampton Springs Cemetery. He was born in Arkansas. She was born in Bently County Mississippi.

Submitted by: Mary Elizabeth Farmer Ganey


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