Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records



Our Goals


1] To preserve and archive old records in their original form

2] To transcribe old records and publish originals to the internet

3] To transcribe original documents for publications & dissemination.

4] To hold seminars and workshops to further the knowledge and training of researchers including the development of genealogical and historical research with microfilm, libraries, courthouses, cemeteries and others sources.

5] To assist young people to increase their knowledge and awareness of genealogical and historical research.

6] To assist other entities, including but not limited to, individuals and government agencies in the preserving and archiving of their old documents to a digital media.

Officers for 2018


President: Patsy Vinson

1st Vice-President/Archivist: Betty Miller

2nd Vice-President/Programs & Publicity: Joan Pappa

Treasurer: Dorothy Williamson

Membership/Secretary: Laverne Wyatt

Appointed Board Members serve as researchers and historians.

Archivists & Historians: Dennis Melton, Joan Pappa, Dorothy Williamson, Betty Miller, Laverne Wyatt, Estelle Shipp (d. 2017) & Patsy Vinson.



This page was created in 2007. Updated 2018