Lyle Family Documents

from Celeste, Hunt County, Texas

& Alba, Rains County, Texas

Submitted by: Rosemary Bouffard


Received of V Lyles; 65/100 Dollars;

In full for his corporation tax in the town of Celeste for the year 1898.

Signed: T. J. Sims, Col.

Letter D (Lyles? - not sure of last name) Picture is of some of the Lyle family.

To Mrs. Ora Lyles, Ada, Okla. ; dated 6 Jan 1910 mailed at 3:00 p.m.

I got your letter just now sorry to hear that Grace was bad off. Hope she is better by the time you get this. I would like to come but can't get off unless you need me and if you do just phone me and I will come if I possible can. I am nearly sick myself. I am awful sorry you will not be here tomorrow, but of course you can't leave Grace. Let me know how she is everyday if you can. Tom got his letter. D

Celeste, Texas 1900

Received of V. Lyle 75/100 Dollars;

In full for corporation tax for the town of Celeste for the year 1899

Signed T. J. Sims Tax Colector

Celeste - Hunt Co. Texas

Letter to Verb Lyle "Fat V" from his Dad "Old Man"

31 May 1900 Celeste, Texas


Celeste, Tex. 5/31/1900

My Dear fat V.; After so long a time I will pencil a few words in answer to your last epislte. Mime Fran was very sick again last week, but is up again. Dorsey washed this morning. Wet & muddy here, you bet. Some sickness & deaths: Dave Henslee's wife and Jim Pyle's child died this week. Wheat is very fine, but damaged by rain & wind. They have begun work on the new two=story brick hotel; also on the brick banking house. The cotton mill site is located in Patterson's field N.E. of my house. Celeste is getting there Eli. Another new store in the Perrin brick and a new drug store on the other side.

page 2-- I got a letter from James Marion last week - Hinersey is sure spliced to Rosa Neal - lives at Levi Long's. Jim and old man Neal had a terrible racket about it. John Denton was here yesterday on his way home from Crumby- he had a fine meeting there - baptiszed 10 & raised money to build a church there. I send you notes on the operation of the Spirit also on Sanctification. You can examine the Scriptures by them and down any sectarian on either subject. Well, we will be on hand there the first Friday or Saturday in July- the Lord willing, to begin meeting at Salem. Write to us. Do right and fear not the Devil. As ever affectionately,

The Old Man.

Verb Lyle ca 1900s

Celeste Texas October 14 1902

page 1 - Mr. Verb Lyles

Dear Son

Ta has improved some he Preached twice yesterday but came near failing entirely before he got through at night he is not able to speak much his eyesight is nearly entirely gone has to be led a good part of the time. I am getting alone better than I was. Babe not very well but she is still at Gooche's comes home two or three times every week. Wayne wrote a short letter from New Boston he never said a word about Rosa and said he had not heard from Cass

page 2 - And did know anything about any of them that he was agent for a movie house at new Boston Texas. We are satisfied that Rosa and him are separated and he dont want us to know it. The Alba News is a 12 page paper now edited by W. C. Holaney. Alba is on a boom. Let us know about the Tiotune(sic). I am afraid it is lost there been so many weeks lately "us" can come better than some can go do that one will be glad to see you Ta says he would rather see you and W. Q than anybody on earth he cant see but that is what he means Write soon To your old Father & Mother

page 3 - Well Son if you want to do awful well you had better come to see Mrs. Sallie McWilliams. Jess had been dead two months and she is dressing and going like a girl everywhere. "You know she has only got 5 or 6 kids" but I think she has a string to her bow already. Jim's girls are all still single. George Pope (sic) married that old Jones's widow that was killed at Alba. Annie Aly has no health. Dr. Neal is President of an Life insurance arrangement and Wayne is working for him it is a swinelling concern I guess

page 4 - Wilson Sims is at work at the Katy Depot here under James bole worms are ruining the cotton bacon 15cts per lbs flour 1.15 sack butter 15 cents eggs 3 doz. for 25 loing costs something here we have no cow yet. write again we are always glad to hear from you. Your old Mother and Father

Come to see us when you can we have not heard from Cass since we wrote last. Nor we dont hear from Mary June either.


Celeste, November 2nd, 1902

Dear Son,

Yes, I am real sorry the tiotune (sic) got damaged , but we fixed it the best we could I had to do all the marking and nailing your poor old Ta can't see to hardly naile at all he Preached last Sunday and came near falling in the floor. He just can't do anything at all you need not be surprised at any time to hear of his Death. He says he would rather see or try to see you and I nively (sic) there anybody in the world ___ you can you ought to come to see him for I ___ he wont live long ___nlestios W. lives at new Boston he says he is making $____ a month. I belive my part of that. He wrote his poor old mama and Daddy one of meanest lettere I ever read. But it will be all right soon I hope he will ...... (no other parts found).

July 24 - 1904 Coalgate, I T.

This is to certify that I have this day released V. Lyle with his agreement to union shop card no 15666

Tom Maxey

Rec from Sec

(Seal) Journeymen Barber Union, Coalgate, IT. #511 Organized Apr 13, 1903


Wetumka, Okla., Dec 27, 1934

Received of Carl Wells Gen Del W Okla.

$.50 for one Years Subscription to

The Wetumka Gazette

Beginning Dec 24, 1934 and Ending Dec 27, 1935

The Wetumka Gazette, By Young

Funeral Announcement

Friends and acquaintances of the family are

invited to attend the funeral of

Mrs. Mary Elnora Elizabeth Helvey

Born March 26, 1877

Died March 6, 1935

Age 57 years, 11 months, 10 days

Funeral services will be conducted Thursday afternoon,

March 7, at 2:30 o'clock at the Baptist

Church, conducted by Rev. P. L. Bryan

of Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Interment in the Masonic Cemetery, Crane, MO.

Wetumka, Okla., March 6, 1935.

W. D. Landers too his sis Sprucle, age one month one week.

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