Lincoln County, Tennessee Deaths from Newspapers

Lincoln County, Tennessee
Condensed Extracts from Newspapers
Some of 1873 - 1874 -1882 - 1905 - 1932


Fayetteville Observer
October 16, 1873

Obit: Mary Ann Drake, daughter of J. B. and Mattie D. Drake, aged 11 years and five months, died October 2nd, 1873.

A Sad Occurrance: "On the 8th of October, 1873, John Hill March, son of A. G. and Rebecca Ann March, and grandson of William H. Childress, a youth of 13 years, 7 months and 9 days, was found in the backyard of his home, near Boon's Hill, in Lincoln county with one of his feet fastened in the harness of a mule. He had just unhitched the mule, from a slide, and was about to take him to the stable...The noise attracted the attention of persons, who were picking cotton in an adjoining filed, and also of his stepmother and grandmother, who were in the house. These persons found him mangled as stated, and were only in time to see his last breath. His father, at that sad moment, was pursuing his usual line of benevolence–was driving the corpse of a neighbor's child to the grave. Thus a messenger summoned him to leave the sad work of burying a neighbor's child and hasten to the scene of death at home. It is not amiss to say that ten days before this sad affair these parents were called on to give up their only daughter. I preached the funeral of his youngest child- same congregation, with just ten days interval. This is a severe furnace of affliction for these parents. (I. P. Osborne).

Died: In this county, on Elk River at Bass ford, Sunday, 5th inst., of disease of the heart, Mr. Henry Hampton Hope, aged 57 years and 7 months.

Died: In this county, on Cane Creek, Monday, 13th inst., of old age Mr. Charles Williamson, aged about 80 years.

October 23, 1873

Died: In this county on Cane Creek, Saturday, 18th inst., of teething, an infant son of Pryor Buchanan, aged 15 months.

October 30, 1873

Died: In this county, on Stewart's creek Sunday, 26th inst., of old age, Mrs. _ Dennis, relict of Geo. W. Dennis, deceased, aged 86 years.

Died: In this county, near Boons Hill, Mon. 27th inst., of pneumonia, Nancy Ann, daugter of James W. Turney, aged 4 years.

Died: In this county on Norris Creek, Wed., 22nd inst., Mrs. Parks, relict of Woodruff Parks, deceased, aged about 65 years.

November 6, 1873

Obit: We are pained to announce the death of our old friend Joel Cunningham, of the vicinity of Flyntville. He died of a congestive chill, induced, it is thought, by exposure while engaged in a deer hunt in Walker county, Ala.

November 13, 1873

Died: In this vicinity, Sun., 9th inst., of congestion, Mr. W. A. McClellan, aged about 45 years.

Mrs. Mary Custis Lee, widow of Gen. Robert E. Lee, died at Lexington, Va., last Friday, aged 67.

November 20, 1873

Died: In this county, near Elora, Thurs., 15th inst., of old age, Mr. Thomas Baxter, aged 71 years.

November 27, 1873

Death of Dr. Rane McKinney: At a meeting of the member of the Fayetteville Bar, at the office of the late Clerk of the Circuit for Lincoln county to pay some suitable tribute of respect to the memory of Dr. Rane McKinney, who died on the 22nd inst., at 10 o'clock P.M. at his late residence, and who was at the time of his decease the Clerk of said Circuit Court...the subject of our remarks was born on Cane creek in Lincoln county, October, 1816...(more)


Deaths - the Storm - Mrs. Jane Baxter, wife of the late Thomas Baxter died near Elora, Wed, morning, 19th inst., of pneumonia, just four days after her husband; and near Shady Grove on last Friday night, of old age, Mrs. Lankston. The storm blew off the roof of the Masonic Hall in New Market, Ala.

December 4, 1873

Died: In this vicinity, 17th ult., an infant son of Dr. O. R. Hatcher.


Died: In this place 1st inst., of pneumonia, Mrs. Sarah Jones, relict of Joel J. Jones, aged about 50 years. While the funeral procession was moving to Rose Hill Cemetery, all the church bells were tolled and business houses closed, as a token of respect to her memory.


Died: In this place, Tues., 2nd inst., of pneumonia, Jennie, daughter of T. R. And Mrs. Jane Ramsey, aged 6 years.


Died: In this county, near Goshen, Mon., 1st inst., of croup, a son of Stephen J. Walker, aged about 8 years.


Died: At Flyntville, Mon., 1st inst., Adah, infant daughter of J. M. Richardson, aged about 7 months.


Died: In Prairie county, Ark., Nov. 6, 1873, Mr. S. W. Arnold, aged 69 years, 10 months and 29 days...former resident of Lincoln county.

December 11, 1873

Died: In this place Sat., 6th inst. Of pneumonia, Ola, daughter of Capt. J. R. Feeney, aged 11 months and 8 days.


Died: In Petersburg, this county, Mon., 8th inst., of old age, Mrs. Elizabeth Harris, relict of Howell Harris, Sen., deceased, aged about 86 years.

December 18, 1873

Accidents: A fatal accident occurred in Tullahoma last Friday, W. A. McKee, of the Woolen mills, was caught in the machinery and before he could be rescued his left arm and the ribs on the same side were broken. He survived only about two hours...he was unmarried.


A fearful accident occurred near Boons Hill in this county last Saturday night about nine o'clock. Mr. James Owen was burned alive in his house, with all of its contents. He is between 30 and 40 years of age, had been married twice, and leaves a wife and child about four weeks old, and two children by his first wife.

December 25, 1873

Died: In this county, on Stewart's Creek, Sat. , 20th inst., an infant daughter of Alexander Cox, aged about 2 weeks.


Died: In this county, on Swan, Mon., 22nd inst., of dropsy, Mr. William F. Zimmerman, aged about 70. He was one of the best men.

Fayetteville Observer, Lincoln County, Tennessee
February 19, 1874

Needham B. Koonce

Died: Died in great peace, of comsumption, Feb. 6th, at his residence on Stewart's Creek in this county, Mr. Needham B. Koonce, aged 68 years, 6 months and 26 days.

Born in Wilson County, Tenn., July 11th, 1806, and joined the M. E. Church in Nashville under th ministry of Rev. A. L. P. Green, who has ever been a favorite with him. Moved to this county soon after and united in marriage with Burdotta Koonce, January 1st 1832. Becoming somewhat divided in his religious sentiments, producing in his mind some conflicting opinions, he never afterwards connected himself with any branch of the Church, but always maintained the character of an honest, industrious man and citizen, consistent Christian, and died as such lamented by all who knew him.

February 26, 1874

Death - Monday night, the 16th, Dr. Madison Porter of Winchester, died. He was known to many of our citizens, and his death is lamented by all.


Died In Winchester, Wednesday, 18th inst., of pneumonia, Mr. Sydney Vaughn, aged about 69 years - father of Mr. James S. Vaughn of this place.


Died - Mrs. N. A. Carter died in Winchester, of paralysis, Monday, 16th inst. She was the daughter of Mr. Felix Gibson, dec., long a respected citizen of this county.

March 5, 1874

Died: In this vicinity, Friday, 27th ult., of old age, Mr. William Conaway, aged about 93 years.


In this county, on Buchanan's Creek, Wednesday, 25th ult., of old age, Mrs. Ezell, aged 84 years.

March 12, 1874

Resolutions of Respect....J. M. Cole, who died January 2d, 1874 at his residence, in Weatherford, Texas....Lodge 175, A.F. & A. M.


Tribute of Respect - Mulberry Lodge No. 148 I. O. O. F....Bro. Geo. E. Small, who departed this life on the 25th day of February, A.D. 1874, after a long and painful illness...deeply sympathize with the afflicted widow.


Died: In this place, Thurs, 5th inst., of pneumonia, Johnny Gilliland, son of A. A. And Mrs. Anna Writh, aged _years.

March 19, 1874

Tribute of Respect: At a meeting of the Fayetteville Silver Cornet Band, at their room in Fayetteville, Thursday, 12th inst., the following preamble and resolutions were adopted...our much loved friend and former preceptor Prof. Joshua R. Millin, who departed this life at Huntsville, Ala., Wed., March 11th, 1874.


Died: In this county, on Cane Cree, Sun., 15th inst., of dropsy, Mr. Jesse Boyden, aged about 55 years.

March 26, 1874

Blind Man Killed: This community was startled last Friday evening by the rumor that a man had been killed in this county, ten or twelve miles west of Fayetteville, on that day. Closer investigation established the truth of the rumor, and the incidents reported by witnesses are about as follows: Mr. Johnson, a blind man, had a panoramic show which he exhibited through the country, traveling by carryall, his companion being a young man named Lewis N. Gilbert, aged about 22 years, formerly of Giles county. They have been traveling a year or more, having gotten together about Cornersville. Last Wednesday night they showed to a small house in Fayetteville; Thursday they left, and that night exhibited at Kerr's Creek Academy. Friday at midday they started to leave there, and in turning, a wheel rubbed hard against the body of the vehicle, whereupon Johnson cautioned Gilbert, who had alighted, to be careful, or he might break the wagon. The remark angered the latter, it is supposed, as without returning a word he stooped, drew a repeater from his boot, and rising, pointed it at Johnson's head, the muzzle being about a foot from the unfortunate man's face, and fired. The call entered above the right eye, scattering blood and brains over the vehicle. Dr. W. L. Moore was immediately summoned, and after an examination pronounced the wound mortal. Death ensued in about an hour. Gilbert at once left, but was followed by Mr. John Gilliam and two other gentlemen, who arrested and had him placed in jail in this place, where he now is. The prisoner was very jovial on his way to town - singing and laughing. He claims that Johnson was trying to kill him with the monkey wrench, and that he shot in self-defence, and added that he thought first of shooting him in the belly, but afterward concluded to "make a finish of him, and shot him in the head". Johnson leaves a family in Giles county, where his remains were taken for burial. He was in the Confederate army, and was wounded by a ball which passed through his head in the rear of the eyes, destroying his sight almost entirely.

Died: In this county, of Stewart's Cree, Sat., 21st inst., Mrs. Sarah Harbin, wife of John Harbin, aged about 32 years.


Died: In Marshall county, near Chapel Hill, Tues, 17th inst., of old age, Mr. James B. Sheffield, senr., aged 88 years and 7 months.


Died: In this county, on Cane Creek, of comsumption, Wed., 18th inst., Mr. Robert Fullerton, aged about 28 years.


Died: In this county, near Viny Grove, Sun., 22nd inst., of consumption, Mrs. Hamilton, wife of Robert A. Hamilton, aged about 52 years.


Died: In this county, near Viny Grove, Tues. 24th inst., Mrs. McCown, wife of Maj. James J. McCown aged about 50 years.

April 2, 1874

Died: In this vicinity, south of the river, Tues,, 24th ult of pneumonia, Anna, daughter of J. A. Albright, aged about 15 years.


Died: In this county, near Wells Hill, Mon., 30th ult., of consumption, Mrs. Seaton, wife of Wm. S. Seaton, aged 25 years.

April 9, 1874

Moore County: Wesley Speck was indicted in the Circuit Court of Moore County for the murder of John Jean, and found guilty in the second degree and sentenced to twenty years confinement in the penitentiary...the killing took place, at a still-house which is less than eleven miles from Fayetteville, the county seat of Lincoln, from which that portion of Moore was taken.


Last Monday William Gleason was put in jail in this place for cutting Polk Ellis in a renconter in Lychburg last Saturday. Both parties were drinking, and Ellis knocked Gleason down, in their brawl. They were separated, but met again in about half an hour, when Gleason cut Ellis with his pocket knife, the blade of which was about four inches long, in the abdomen, wounding the stomach and bowels. The physicians said that death was inevitable in forty-eight hours. Ellis had a wife and three or four small children. Gleason is a cooper by trade, and says he is married, but his family do not live in this part of the county.


Charles Gentry, son of Hon. Meredith P. Dentry, dec., late of Bedford County, killed a Missouri gentleman named Shire a short time since in Texas, robbed the body of his victim of $3, 500, and succeeded in escaping to Mexico.


Sucide: A paragraph in the Lynchburg Sentinel announces the unintentional suicide of Eliza Majors, aged 13, daughter of Mrs. Majors, in the vicinity of Oak Hill by taking strichnine, Wed. 25th in ult. She took the poison to scare her brother.


Died: In this county, near Kelson, Sun. 29th ult., of consumption, Mr. E. R. Calloway, aged 66 years.


Died: In Navarro County, Texas, recently, of typhoid fever, Mac Kelso, aged about 24 years 1 mon. He was formerly of this county.


Died: In this county, on Craighead Creek, Wed., 1st inst. Of paralysis Mrs. Williams, wife of John Williams, aged about 84 yrs.


Died: In Moore county, Wed., 1st, of croup, James, son of Capt. W. P. Tolley.

April 16, 1874

Died: In this county, on Norris Cree, Sat., 11th inst., of inflammation of the bowels, Anna, daughter of Green B. Evans, aged about 3 years.


Died: In this place, Sat. 11th inst. of whooping cough, Mollie Lou, daughter of John A. Formwalt, aged about 2 years.


Died: In this county, on Norris Creek, Mon., 13th inst., Mr. James Isom, aged 85 yrs. and 4 months.


Murdered: An estimable young gentleman, J. R. Breckinridge, was murdered in Lebanon, Tenn., last week by a man named John R. Anderson, who escaped.


Died: In this county, on Elk River, Mon,, 13th inst., of consumption, Mr. Thomas Stone, aged about 60 years.


Died: In this vicinity, Tues., 14th inst., Mrs. Smith, wife of Barney Smith, mother of J. T. McCauley of this place. Aged about 60 years.

Fayetteville Observer
August 17, 1882

Death of a Centenarian

Died: Near Lynchburg, Tennessee, on Monday, 7th inst., of old age Mrs. Margaret Frame. She was born in N.C. in June, 1782, married George Gantt in 1804 moved and settled on Farris Creek in Lincoln County, in 1814. She was left a widow in 1817, married William Frame in 1835, who died in 1843. She was a member of the M. E. Church South for over fifty years, and was the mother of Col. George Gantt, formerly of this place.

May 5, 1932
S. M. Alexander

Mr. S. M. Alexander, Sr., aged 87, pres. Of the Home Bank and Trust Company, died at 6:30 Sunday evening, following a six-weeks illness. He was a native of Lincoln county, the son of Samuel Smith Alexander and was the last of a family of six children.


Mr. Alexander received his elementary education at Lincoln county and entered the Confederate army at the age of 17. He was wounded at the battle of Dalton.


Mr. Alexander was married in Lynchburg in 1878 to Miss Beatrice Motlow. He is survived by his widow, four sons, Albert, Harmon, S.M., Jr., and Gordon, all of Winchester, and one daughter, Mrs. Hense Winton, of Viola, Tenn.

Story of an old Pioneer

Clinton Mirror, Lincoln County, Tennessee
2 June 1905

Life of William N. Norman

I was born on Flat Creek, Bedford County, Tennessee, seven miles south of Shelbyville August 6, 1827. When I was ten years old, my father Andrew Norman moved to Lincoln County and settled ten miles north of Fayetteville whre I remained until 1846; then I went to Shelbyville and remained 18 months. In 1848, I moved to Lawrence County and settled on Aaron's Branch at the crossing of the old Waterloo Road. I erected and operated a blacksmith shop there for two years. On January 7, 1851 I was married to Sarah, daughter of Chas. McLean, and the fall of that year moved to Hardin County and settled on Turkey Creek where I lived until 1854 when I returned to Lawrence County and bought land seven miles above West Point on Chisholm's fork of Shoal Creek.


In May 1861 I enlisted in the Confederate service and was elected and served as first lieutenant under Capt. Fuller until my discharge in June 1862.


I was made a Master Mason in Lawrenceburg Lodge No. 101 in Sept. 1857 and have been in constant afflilation since and am now a member of Waynesboro Lodge No. 127.


In 1845 I joined the C. P. Church at Fuller's Chapel, Lincoln County; was elected an elder which office I have filled for 60 years. I am now in my 78th year. My address is Waynesboro, Tennessee.



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