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Fiscal Year -- June 1, 2017 thru May 31, 2018.


For individuals or organizations who have an email address and want to receive the "OPHGR Newsletter" each quarter which consists of 20 + pages and other information that we will provide, please send your email address to:



Email Memberships: Free

OPHGR Newsletters via the internet will be free of charge. To receive a Newsletter 4 times a year, please fill out the application form at the link below and mail to us.

Membership Application

Newsletter 4 times a year (Aug., Nov., Feb., & May.)


We try to make our Newletter so interesting that you can't wait to get the next one. We would love to have articles submitted from our members or others. You can send us your articles to:



Charter Members

Individuals who donated funds to help with the start-up operation of this new organization will be known as Charter Members. Our Charter members and Archivist are working on transcribing old documents that are deteriating with age and plan to put them in digital and hardcopy formats for use on the internet and libraries.

Future Charter members will be considered on an individual basis by Officers of Board. For more information, contact us at our email address.


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