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All Thinks Cherokee - dedicated to American Indians & assisting persons in the search for their Native American Ancestors.

IT Gen Web - the Twin Territories of Oklahoma and Indian Territory.

Cherokee Nation - lists- Indian Territory Research; Rolls & Census; Reservation Roll of 1817;

Emigration Roll 1817-1838; Cherokee East of the Mississippi Census; Henderson Roll 1835; Mullay Roll 1848; Old Settlers Roll; Siler Roll; Drennon Roll 1852; Chapman Roll 1852; Act of Congress Roll 1854; 1860 Cherokee Nation-Indian Territory; 1860 Slave Schedule of Indian lands; Tompkins Roll 1867; Tompkins Rolls 1867 Freedman Indices; Kern-Clifton Roll of Cherokee Freedmen & 1897; Census of Cherokee East of MS 1867; Swetland Roll 1869 Eastern Cherokee; Cherokee census 1880; Cherokee census roll 1883; Cherokee Census Roll 1883; Hester Roll 1883 Eastern Cherokee; Cherokee Census 1890. Wallace Roll 1890; Cherokee Census 1893; Starr Roll 1894; Cherokee Census 1896; Old Settler Payment Roll 1896; Dawes Enrollment Cards; 1899-1907 Final Allotment Rolls; Churchill Roll 1908; Eastern Cherokee 1909; Baker Roll Eastern Cherokees 1924.

Land Cessessions and Treaties in Tennessee - Treaty of the Cherokee, 1817 & more.

North Cherokee Reservation Genealogy - Sources and References.