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Hot Springs, South Dakota

The Sand Hill School

Construction started in 1889 and was finished in 1893.

Note: the side view shows the fire escape which was similar to a slide. The school is now the Pioneer Museum built from pink sandstone which came from the Evans quarry 4 miles south of Hot Springs.

The school had grades from one through twelve with the gymnasium housed in the attic and a janitor who lived on the north ground floor. The last classes were the summer of 1961.

Carol Case Goddard organized the Fall River County Historical Society in March of 1961 and the city fathers agreed to sell the school to be used as a museum. Donations began pouring in and it has quite a large collection of historical objects.

One of the curators of the Museum told me about a student from one of the early classes coming by and explaining how the children had to practice using the fire escape several times a month which was a little frightening for the girls.

Photos taken 21st August 2007

By: Patsy Finley Vinson



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