All publications by OPHGR have Library of Congress numbers and hard bound copies of these books have been donated to the Library of Congress to place in their archives.

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Van Zandt County Treasurer's Ledger 1870-1875

Compiled by: Patsy Finley Vinson

This book list everything that the Treasurer handled in Van Zandt County such as Commissioner's Court fees, liquor licenses, bridge fees and any other money collected during 1870-1875. Cost: $30.00 (200 pages)

Funeral Records of Van Zandt County, Texas - Bartley Funeral Home, Grand Saline, TX Oct 1947 - Dec 1955

compiled by Mary Farmer Ganey (deceased)

This book contains information provided by family to the funeral home. It is a helpful source for persons researching in Grand Saline or Van Zandt County, Texas. Cost: $25.00 (contains 70 pgaes)

Wood County (Texas) Unclaimed Marriage Certificates 1890-1960

Compilers were: Mary Farmer Ganey, Dorothy Pool Williamson, Laverne Howard Wyatt, Betty Miller Teal and Patsy Finley Vinson

This book took six of our archivists a year to compile, and proof. There are over 3,000 names in this book. These certificates were left at the courthouse for all kinds of reasons like just passing through and did not leave forwarding address; no address given; 1918 Flu Pandemic, World War I, and could have died right after getting married. There were probably other reasons, too. You can get a copy of these licenses by proving your kinship to the individuals at the Wood County Clerk's office. . Cost: $35.00 (contains 195 pages)

Misdemeanor Guilty Pleas of Wood County, Texas 1892-1946

Compiled by: Patsy Finley Vinson

This book is full of unusual crimes and guilty pleas that occured during 1892-1946 time period. Did your ancestor use someone's animal without permission, sell liquor, do some gambling or have an affair? This book kept the proofers in stitches while reading offenses. Cost: $30.00 (contains 140 pages).

Heirship Affidavits and Miscellaneous Probate Records of Rockwall County, Texas 1858-1959

Compiled by: Betty Teal Miller

This book has useful information to help researchers looking for family history in Rockwall County, Texas such as birth dates, children's names and birthdays, siblings and resident of most persons listed. Cost: $35.00 (contains 194 pages)

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Mechanics Liens Wood County, Texas Vol. A

Compiled by: Laverne Howard Wyatt

This book lists individuals who purchased or owned liens in Wood County, Texas. Cost $20.00 (53 pages)

Wood County Surveyor's Notes 1878-1910 Vol. A

Compiled by: Patsy Finley Vinson

This book contains all names, location, acreage, and there are examples shown of some of the items listed in the Surveyor's notes since 1878 until 1910. Cost: $30.00

Probate Minutes of Wood County, Texas Vol A 1878-1880

Compiled by Dorothy Pool Williamson

Probate Minutes taken at in Wood County, Texas can provide researchers with valuable informaion in locating family members. Cost $35.00 (contains 180 pages)

Early Marriages of Bandera County, Texas 1856-1891

Compiled by: Mary Farmer Ganey (died Feb. 2012)

Mary worked very hard with the Candy Wheeler, County Clerk; Doug King, Commissioner and Sara Cerda, worker in County Clerk's office. Commissioner King found old pictures of the courthouse and sheriffs to include in the book. Cost: $25.00 (82 pages)

Probate Minutes - Volume B Wood County, TX

July 1883 to Dec 1884

Compiled by: Joan Rash Pappa {died 2018}

(at publisher - 29 Jan 2019)

Probate minutes taken during court in Wood County, Texas from July 1883 to Dec 1884. This book will be helpful for researchers in helping them find items that are about family members. $35.00 (155 pages).

Brands of Wood County, Texas 1879 & Up

Compiled by: Patsy Finley Vinson

Work on this book is being compiled now and estimated publication date is 2019. Be looking for our announcement of the publication date.



Compiled by: Betty Teal Miller

This cookbook is compiled from cookbooks dating back to 1890s and Mrs. Miller has also included helpful hints from past eras and other tips used in earlier times. You can learn how and why your grandmas used certain items for cooking and healing. Did you ever wonder about all the uses for vinegar besides cooking? Note: This book is ready to send to the publisher. We are taking orders now. {2019}

Commissioner Court Minutes 1879 - 1884

Publication date: late 2019 ( (due to illness)

Compiled & Transcribed by: Patsy Finley Vinson


Updated: 29 January 2019


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