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Paul and Bonnie McKnight

May 5, 2013

I was looking through the OPHGR site and ran across an "Old Newspaper Articles" death notice for which I might be able to add information. In The Wills Point Chronicle, 18 October 1888, there is a notice for the death of "Mr. Polie Tull." This is most likely Noble Napoleon Tull who died 13 October 1888. He was the son of George Washington Tull (1827-1917) and Mary Jane Cowan (1848-1948).

I will be more than happy to provide the sources I have for this information. My research on this family is an ongoing endeavor.

I hope this is helpful.

Very truly yours,
Bonnie McKnight

Kenneth "Paul" & Bonnie O'Neal McKnight
researching allied families:
McKnight, Agee, Ragland, Durham, Chamblee, Sides, Tull
O'Neal, Clary, Kinchen, Bedgood, Major, Coleman

Trish Champion

I am aware that the owner of the Standifer Bible, Mildred Couser, passed away in 1999. Do you know what happened to this fantastic relic? Did you actually make copies of the bible prior to putting the info on your website?

I am trying to trace where the bible went as there is information in it that you cannot find elsewhere. We are preparing an application for DRT and could use a copy of a few of its pages if it were available.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Monyene Carnes


I have been told you and your organization might be able to help me discover the name and resting place of Jacob Ziegler's first wife who died near Oak Grove, Wood County, Texas in 1858. Jacob and this wife had two daughters, Mary and Theadocia Tennessee, before she died and he remarried Elizabeth Harry in 1860. Jacob's sister, Mary, was married to John Billingsley Mansell in Wood Co. The family thinks Jacob's first wife's maiden name was Senter but we have no proof. Jacob (1825-1896) was once county judge of Wood County. Can you help me with this quest. I think she would have been buried in Ebenezer or Mr. Misgah Cemetery.

Monyene Carnes
811 South Harrison
McGregor, Texas 76657
(254) 840-3194


OPHGR members usually travel to Wood County each week, but this summer
we have been working on getting some Probate and Surveyor's books
completed and proofed. Also with the hot weather, we decided to wait
until fall to return to Wood County courthouse. It will probably be
in September at which time we will check at the courthouse to see if
we can find any information on your Jacob Ziegler's family.

I checked our CD/Book...Unclaimed Marriage Certificates of Wood Co. TX
which we published and sell. These are certificates that were not
picked up for whatever reason by individuals. They could have moved,
died or not left a forwarding address.

There could be more marriage records at Wood Co. Clerk's office. The
cost per page is $2.00 plus postage. REMEMBER, Wood County was formed
in 1879 from Van Zandt and Franklin counties. So anything before that
date would be in these counties such as marriages, etc.

Unclaimed Marriage Certificates of Wood Co. TX from CD
Grooms List
Ziegler, Dave - Prine, Pearl 3 May 1924 Minister....Ziegler, B. F.
Ziegler, Irvey/Irvy - Vickery, M. F. 28 Feb 1923...Stripling, J.W.

Mansell, Ben - Waddle, Annie 24 Dec 1912....French, L.M.
Mansell, C.E. - Smith, Estell 10 Jun 1906......Norman, Geo. W.
Mansell, L. J. - Hamm, Frankie 21 Nov 1917....Bozeman, R. E. Co. Judge

Mansell, Bera - Steele, Joe 12 Aug 1917....Montgomery, R. H., Elder
Mansell, Fannie(Mrs.) - Johnson, Charlie 26 Jun 1920...Smart, B. F., JP
(This Fannie could be 1st wife of L. J. above)
Mansell, Nora Lea - Humphrey, Arthur H. 15 May 1910, Burkett, J. E., JP

I am putting your paper in my brief case and we will check this out on
our next trip to Wood Co. TX.

Patsy Vinson, Pres.OPHGR

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Julie Green wrote:

Hello, my name is Julie Green and I am in the middle of a mess and would greatly appreciate some help.
My mother recently passed 11-6-2008 and her last wishes were to have her ashes spread over her grandmother's grave which we plan to do on Sat, 11-22-2008 at 12:00 noon at Oakland Cemetery. My stepfather recently visited the cemetery and noticed "what he "believes" is the double headstone is turned the wrong direction. This causes a problem because we're not sure exactly were to spread my mother's ashes. The BUYHER headstone reads (left side) Penelope Jane who died in 1989 (nobody engraved that on the headstone) and (right side) Chester Doyle who died in 1943. My stepfather had someone "probe" but could not locate anything, so I am very confused. What I guess I really need to know is if you have any info (newspaper article, obituary, funeral home, etc) for the headstone company used for Chester Doyle Buyher.

The headstone is very close to the pavilion. If you were in front of the church facing the cemetery it would be down the first little path/road and on the right hand side towards the back and I believe the first one on it's row.

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Julie Green
Great Granddaughter of Chester & Penelope Buyher


Betty Miller <missb1946@gmail.com>


Thank you very much for your inquiry, however, neither Betty Phillips or I have any research materials available to us, therefore we would be unable to assist you in this matter.

However, you might contact Hallman Memorials in Wills Point, Texas. They are the oldest tombstone company in Van Zandt County and they may be able to assist you. In fact, they may have furnished the tombstone you are referring to and could have old records indicating just why this stone was placed in the direction that it is currently in and how and where the burials took place.

Patsy Vinson (pvinson47@gmail.com), president of the OPHGR (Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records) might know of someone who could go out to the cemetery and make the determination for you. I have no idea whether any of their members do this type of research or if there would be a charge for it but she can tell you. This would be the only suggestion that I would have for you.

Again, thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in Van Zandt County, Texas.

Lee Roy and Carolyn Johnson


In order to answer some questions about her children, etc., I would like to find the obituary for Pauline Edna Kemp Clevenger. She was born January 17, 1918 and died January 26, 2006. I really don’t know exactly where she died, but her sister’s obituary in 2001 said that Pauline was a resident of Edgewood, Texas.

Any help you might offer will be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Carolyn Lamberth Johnson

1305 Barak Lane

Bryan, Texas 77802

Carol Whitten

On 3/6/08, mcarolwhitten@aol.com wrote:

Thank you for the information.

I was mistaken about locating the grave and headstone of Carrey Virginia.

The graves and headstones we located in Cana Cemetery were those of Elmira Darden Nalls (my Great-Great Grandmother) and her Granddaughter Essie Nalls. I took photos of the stones for my Grandfather but did not keep copies. How I wish I had! The stones at that time were very easy to read (some 23 years ago).

Elmira had a daughter named Carrie Virginia and I have been told that she too was buried there. However I do not know that to be accurate. The dates of birth and death listed for Carrey Virginia seem to match.

Sorry about my mistake.

I will do further checking.

Again, I do appreciate your help/


Betty Miller <missb1946@gmail.com>


No problem, and, if you have any pictures and/or biographies or genealogical information for any of your ancestors that are buried in any of the Van Zandt County Cemeteries, if you will contact, Betty Phillips, who heads up the cemetery and marriage pages, she can advise you of the types of files that can be uploaded to this web site. We will happily post anything of genealogical or historical value for Van Zandt County, Texas. Betty Phillips can be reached at: betty.phillips@gmail.com.

Also, as a side note, the OPHGR (Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records) hosts a web site on RootsWeb that posts information concerning any historical or genealogical even or family in the United States (we haven't gone beyond the USA, yet). You can contact Patsy Vinson, President and Webmaster, pvinson47@gmail.com.

Either of these ladies will be happy to help you with the submission of information to the Van Zandt County at TXGenWeb website or the OPHGR website.

Gaylor McKie


Hello, the Reeves family is of my line through the Goar family and I was
wondering if there is anyway I can get it touch with the submitter of
this file. I have much info on the Goar family that I would like to
share with her and also the Reeves info. I am from Mississippi and both
of these families lived in Ms not far from me at one time. The Reeves
moved on to Arkansas and the Goar family to Texas and is a huge family.
I would like to share my info with her as info on the Goar family is
just newly learned. Thank you. Gaylor H. McKie


Patsy Vinson <pvinson47@gmail.com>

2/4/08 copy to Mary Ganey

You need to get in touch with Mary Ganey, these are her
descendants. Her email is: meganey@aol.com

I am sending her a copy of this email.

Thank you so much for emaiing me and giving me her email address and I
will email her. I just loved the Reeves family info that was put up
and it filled in so many of the names that I needed. I have spent the
last two days pulling Reeves info off and was amazed at how much I was
able to find . Thank you again, Gaylor H. McKie


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