Texas Courthouses


From the a collection of courthouses by June R. Welch 1984 & 1990

1892 Dallas County Courthouse -- Dallas is the county seat --was built using Pecos red sandstone and Littl Rock blue granite. A bit of history-- in April 1925, a 5000-man lynch mob threatened two men convicted of murder and rape. They threw bottles and shot at Sheriff Schuyler B. Marshall, Jr. who turned firehoses on the mob. The deputies returned fire. One man was killed and four others were wounded.

1896 Denton County Courthouse - Denton is the county seat. Designed by W. C. Dobson and built by Tom Lovell.

1892 Erath County Courthouse - Stephenville is the county seat.

During the civil war, one of the Dalton gang killed a man's wife and was captured. He was taken to Stephenville where one of the county officials drew a line on the ground and asked all who believed Dalton was guilty, step across the line. Most of the people present did and Dalton was hanged.

4th Jul 1895 Ellis County Courthouse -- Waxahachie is the county seat.

Designed by J. Riely Gordon and built by Otto Kroeger both of San Antonio.

1896 Gonzales County Courthouse -- Gonzales is the county seat.

Designed by J. Riely Gordon and built by Otto Kroeger

Some History -- Gregorio Cortez was sentenced to fifty years for killing Sheriff Robert M. Glover and Henry Schnabel in 1901. Some Smiley men decided to lynch Cortez. Sheriff Frank Fly stated that they would have to kill him first. Using a telephone pole, they caved in the door, but Fly fired and they retreated. The Sheriff put Cortez on a train to San Antonio. Cortez only served twelve years and soon after he was released, he died. Sheriff Fly remained in his official position for many years.

From the Courthouses of Texas, Texas A & M University Press, second edition 2007

1900 Harrison County Courthouse -- Marshall is the county seat.

Designed by J Riley Gordon. In 2007, the courthouse is under going renovations and the Harrison County Historical Museum is housed there.

1896 Hopkins County Courthouse -- Sulphur Springs is the county seat.

OldVan Zandt County Courthouse


Van Zandt County Courthouse -- Present Day


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Some of the photos are from The Texas Courthouse Revisited by June R. Welch 1984.