Book Review

By Joan Pappa

In Touch With The Past

In the infancy of a country, little thought is given to preserving the materials of its history. The minds of the first settlers are usually absorbed in providing for the protection of life, the acquisition of property, and in provision for their personal comfort.

Once these important things have been taken care of and things are on a secure basis, men have more leisure for thought and investigation. The history of the country now becomes an interesting subject of study.

In the early 1800s, this interest and inquiry gave rise to historical societies, in which persons of kindred tastes and pursuits met together for each to contribute his bit of knowledge.
In 1847, Rev. Philip Slaughter, D.D. wanted to record his knowledge of the St. George's Parish in the County of Spotsylvania, Diocese of Virginia, and researched its history back to 1721, at which time the county and the parish were created by act of law.

The book begins with a list of eighteen Rectors of the Parish up to 1890, followed by a biographical sketch of Philip Slaughter, including a list of his works. The central portion of the book contains Rev. Slaughter's history of the parish (including St. George's Church) up to 1847.
There are several appendices in which there is an account of Governor Spotswood's 1716 expedition to the mountains, and the Spotswood genealogy.

There is a list of Executives of Virginia from 1710 to 1775; a list of Vestrymen of St. George's Parish from 1726 to 1847 and a list of Lay Delegates to the Convention from 1785 to 1890. Finally, there is an account of Trinity Church in St. George's Parish with its own list of Vestrymen and Lay Delegates.
The book does contain an index but not a very good one. However, if your people were from the Spotsylvania County area of Virginia this would be a good book to add to your collection? The social history contained in its 78 pages is well worth the cost of $13.00 plus $4.00 shipping.
You can order History of St. George's Parish (#S408) from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Pl., Suite 300, Bowie, MD 20716.

Joan Pappa


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