Americans with London Wills


Will of Samuel Carry of St. Martin in the Field, Mddx.,
(who died in Boston), Peruke maker
Whole estate to my sister Ester,
wife of Henry Herbert of St. Martin in the Fields,
Mr. John Le Sage to be exec.
Wits: Ezekais Lever and John S.–eer.
7 Jan 1737 to Ester Herbert, the named exec. renouncing.
AWW–PROB 11/681/2.

Will dated 14 Nov 1735

Will of John Baker of Bristol now of Charles Town, S.C., Merchant
To: Nephew, James Bound, resident of Charles Town,
500 sterling at age 21, annuity of 30 sterling,
100 sterling to nieces Sarah, Anne Bound and Henrietta Peace at age 21 or married;
Charity School in Temple parish, Bristol to receive 100 sterling
Mr. Obediah Arrowsmith of Ledbury, Hereford. - 30 sterling
Benjamin Weale of London, brazier - 40 sterling
Joseph Lewis of Bristol, tobacconist - 25 sterling
My brother Francis Baker a snuff box give to me by my late father.
A memorial stone to be placed on late wife's grave in S. C.
Residue of estate to sons, Francis and Stephen Baker. Execs. In trust for Carolina are to be Mr. Paul Innys, Mr. Thomas Lamboll annd Mr. Richard Hill; For Great Britian, Mr. Paul Fisher of Bristol, merchant, and Mr. James Pearce of London, merchant.
Wits: Thomas Jenys, Thomas Owens and G. Tyndale. PR 5 Feb 1737 by Stephen Baker (PROB 11/681/18)


Will of Walter Newberry of Gracechurch Street, London, merchant.
Dated 22nd February 1734.
100 sterling Carolina money to my sister Sarah Parsons of Charles Town. S.C.

100 N.E. money to be paid by John Wheelwright of Boston to:
My Brother-in-law John Cranston of Newport, R.I. with instructions
to divide between my sister Anne Mary Cranston's (deceased) children

My sister Elizabeth Bordon of Newport , R. I. a widow, to be divided between her children.

M sister, Martha, wife of Nathan Allen of Allen Town, N.J. to be divided between her children

My sister, Mary, wife of Jeremiah Williams of Hempstead Harbour, Long Island to be divided between her children.

30 Sterling N.E. money to my kinsman Joseph Jacob of Newport, R.I. to be divided between the children of my sister Sarah Parson
20 Sterling to my brother-in-law, Thomas Rodman of Flushing, Long Island

My houses and lands in the hands of siad Rodman and 500 Sterling N.E. money to my daughter, Margaret Newberry when she is 21 or married.

10 sterling to Martha Gipson

My late wife's clothes to my sisters Patience Reed and Anne Hyam.
If both sisters die, proceeds of estate to be shipped to R.I. to kinsmen Thomas Richardson and Joseph Jacob.
While Joseph Symmonds lives, the portion of the estate due my daughter Anne is to remain in the hands of my friend Thomas Plumsted who is to be exec. with Margaret Wyeth.
Wits: Thomas Mildred, John Mason & William Shephard
PR 4 Mar 1737 by affirmation of execs. named. (PROB 11/682/64)

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