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John Wesley Jennings

The youngest son of William Hezekiah and Lockey Odom Jennings.

He was born in the middle of the Civil War in 1863, and died in 1936 in Clyde, Callahan County, Texas. He and his wife, Molly Butler Collins Jennings, were walking home from a Democrat rally in in Clyde. They were crossing the train tracks near their home, and John Wesley Jennings was hit and killed by the train. Molly escaped with her life. They are buried in the Clyde City Cemetery. At the time they were married , they lived in Wylie, Texas. One of my grandmother's sisters, Aunt Iva, wrote a story when she was in her early school days about her summer, and spoke of visiting her cousin in Wylie, who was probably one of John and Molly's children.



James "Jim" Columbus Fite and his wife, Sally Odom Fite, with their sons, Thomas Fite, standing, and Robert Fite, in front. Robert was the father of Cotton Fite, who is a well known Van Zandt County Citizen. Sally was the sister of Nannie Odom Vaughn, who was the mother of Sarah Delora Jennings. Jim and Sally Fite are buried in Creagleville Cemetery.

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