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OPHGR Goes on the Road.
By: Joan Pappa & Patsy Vinson

Organization for the Preservation of Historical and Genealogical Records "OPHGR" was organized in May, 2007. We have transcribed and published books on Wood(6), Van Zandt (2), Rockwall (1), and Bandera (1) counties. We have held four workshops, been guest speakers at Chief Bowles Annual gatheringon the Neches River in Van Zandt County, and at the TXGenWeb conference.

Our goal in gathering information, that can be used free of charge is to aid families in their research. We have been transcribing old ledgers from courthouses into books which are then placed at the Library of Congress. Our members are using their talents and technology by visiting courthouses, funeral homes, newspapers and other sources to transcribe these documents for everyone.

We have observed first hand how the oldest documents are deteriorating with age and conditions. By archiving these old documents in digital media and hard copy, important imformation will be saved for years to come.

Our slogan, "Opening a Window to the Past", carried the idea of helping families to "open" new sources for research in finding their lost ancestors.

OPHGR accepts articles on family history, documents, family trees, obituaries, pictures, history and other items. The submitted information may be from any geographical area.

Thank you for visiting our website and please let us know if there is any way we can help you with your research.

Our mailing address is: OPHGR, 10749 FM 17, Grand Saline, TX 75140.


January 2019: In the past 10 years, the members of OPHGR have been working hard to publish books from counties in Texas (where we reside). However, we have slowed down a little due to illness and age, but be assured that we will continue to work on putting out free documents and other items.

Patsy Vinson, President

The purpose of our organization is using our talent and technology to pursue and preserve the past in creating free information for generations to come.

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OPHGR Information

Texas - Abstracts, Cemeteries, Communities, Commissioner's Court, Land records, Marriage index, Newspapers - Articles added -July, 2013, Obituaries, Wills & Probate

Other States - States that we have obtained information from are AR, GA, NC and TN. Information on GA (2014) Georgia Spies 1793

Biographies - Some family groups are: Armstrong/Faulkner; Jennings; Melton/Webb/Jennings; May/Crump; Reeves; O'Daniel; Standifer/Anderson/Bailey

Bible Records - Some families: Campbell, Castleberry, Conway, Ellis, Flowers, Hubbard, Meador, Meador/Melton; Mozingo/Walraven; Standifer & Turk

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Queries - Are Here! A new page for queries that will help you find others researching your family lines. Just send an email to the link below and it will be posted on our Query Page.


Newsletter - August, 2007

Newsletter 2 - November 2007

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OPHGR is accepting articles, documents and photos to place on our web site. All we ask is that you meet our guide lines in accordance with the Texas Open Acts Laws and other copyright and/or ownership rules. If you have any suggestions for other categories, please contact us.

BookPublications - Listed here are 9 of our books that we have archived from courthouses in Bandera, Rockwall, Wood and Van Zandt counties. An order form is available if you see a book you are interest in buying.


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